Street Outreach Services (SOS)


who we are

Street Outreach Services (SOS) is the mobile outreach component of SFCCC’s Health Care for the Homeless (HCH) program. Since 1988, SOS has provided high-quality, nonjudgmental health services directly to homeless people in places where they live and congregate.

Through its Vet SOS project, SOS offers free veterinary care to the companion animals of homeless San Franciscans as a creative way of linking their human guardians with health care services.

what we do

Traveling in a medical van to sites throughout San Francisco, the dedicated SOS team of doctors, nurses, outreach workers, and volunteers creates “clinics without walls” at soup kitchens, on city streets, under freeway overpasses, and in parks.

How we do it

By going directly to homeless people - meeting them on their own turf - the SOS team builds relationships of trust, and breaks down the barriers that keep homeless people from the care they need and deserve.

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our goals

  • Connect homeless San Franciscans to health services by breaking down the barriers that keep them from care

  • Train future health providers in the successful care of homeless people and other vulnerable populations

our services

  • On-site preventive and urgent health care

  • Connection to a medical home (a doctor or nurse practitioner and clinic) for long-term primary care

  • Linkage to other needed resources, e.g., mental health, substance recovery, dental services, legal support

  • Assistance with housing and benefits applications

  • Distribution of health and hygiene supplies

  • Transportation assistance

our successes

Each year over 1,000 homeless San Franciscans receive care from us, improving their lives and the health delivery system.

Each year over 50 medical residents, medical students, and nursing students receive hands-on training from our skilled multidisciplinary team.

SOS Data

Click here to access some data about SFCCC's Street Outreach Services Program.

*SFCCC's HCH Program is funded with $7 Million in federal funds (27%) , $5.5 Million in Program Income (21%) and 
$13.6 Million in non-federal income (52%), totaling $26 Million Dollars.


Our Office

San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium

2720 Taylor St., Suite 430
San Francisco, CA 94133

(415) 355-2250


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