DPH Systems Support Resources

Applying for DPH Systems Credentials

Download this form [PDF] and fill it out. Submit the completed form to itsupport@sfccc.org. It will take 5-7 business days to process. Once complete, credentials will be sent you you in a secure email.

Removing a user: If a previous user has left your organization, you may use the same form as above to delete their account. For deletions, we only need the first page completed and submitted.

Using the DPH Webconnect Portal

DUO User Guide

SFDPH has opted to allow users to authenticate using a Duo Push Notification delivered to your smartphone via the Duo Mobile app, which is the fastest and most secure form of second-factor authentication available today.

Download the DUO User Guide [PDF]

Using LCR


Using DPH's eCW in Read-Only mode.

Training resources can be found at https://sfghlearn.litmos.com/self-signup

Instructions on how to log on to the learning site will be sent along with your eCW credentials. Contact itsupport@sfccc.org if you have not received those instructions.

Support resources:

General support services - contact SFCCC IT Support at itsupport@sfccc.org of (415) 355-2254

Password resets - contact the DPH Help Desk at (628) 206-7378

Remote Support Services

If you have been directed to this page by a support technician, please click on the link below and enter your name & the code provided by the support technician.


Once this code has been entered, your computer will download a small application that the support technician will use to view your screen and control your keyboard and mouse.