National Health Corps San Francisco  

AmeriCorps Program 

In May 2019, SFCCC was selected to be a new National Health Corps (NHC) operating site under the AmeriCorps program administered by Health Federation of Philadelphia.

This partnership means San Francisco will once again have a community health-focused AmeriCorps program, with a corps of 18 members beginning this fall for 10.5 months of service. NHC members will gain invaluable experience while supporting the health care safety net by serving at host sites such as community health centers and Department of Public Health sites to provide health education and care to vulnerable and underserved SF residents. 

The mission of the National Health Corps is to:

Foster healthy communities by connecting those who need it most with health and wellness education, benefits and services, while developing tomorrow’s compassionate health leaders.  

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National Health Corps San Francisco Overview: 

NHC members commit to providing 1700 hours of direct service in a community setting for over 46 weeks. Beginning in late summer 2019, NHC SF members will serve at local host sites to improve health in San Francisco’s underserved communities and receive training in health prevention and care. Each host site creates a unique position description for each member that outlines the member’s specific project and duties. Members also plan and participate in group service projects and national service days in collaboration with other volunteer organizations. Members are provided with ongoing training and a site mentor to help them achieve professional growth and excellence in the healthcare field. NHC SF respects and values the dedication of each member and aims to provide the best experience possible.  

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Members help build healthier communities by focusing on one or more of three main areas at their host sites:  

  • Addressing the opioid crisis; 

  • Increasing older adults’ (adults 50 and older) ability to remain in their homes with the same or improved quality of life for as long as possible; and  

  • Increasing physical activity and improving nutrition with the purpose of reducing obesity and/or chronic conditions that are linked to obesity. 

 Activities may include education about prevention and treatments for high risk and vulnerable patients; health coaching for improved physical activity, nutrition and alternative pain management strategies; conducting health screenings; patient outreach to engage in health promotion groups and classes, e.g., team-based chronic disease care workshops; promoting civic engagement; supporting seniors to improve their health through technology; and developing programs and classes to promote healthy lifestyle choices through nutrition and physical activity.

For more information about NHC SF, click here.

Application date: Strongly encourage application submission by November 15, 2019.

Start date: Flexible, likely as soon as you are available after successfully completing the application and interview process (some members started September 3rd, and we are aiming to place additional members into the group as soon as possible).

List of host sites and positions:


San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) Host Sites:

  • San Francisco Health Network Food Pharmacies

    • Food Pharmacy Coordinator*: will take a lead role in implementing weekly Food Pharmacies at four San Francisco Health Network clinic sites around the city. The member will engage directly with patients to support chronic disease prevention and management in underserved communities and outreach to patients about Food Pharmacies and chronic disease care visits through referrals and phone calls. The Coordinator will work with clinicians to optimize the process of “prescribing”/referring patients to Food Pharmacies and will participate in all aspects of Food Pharmacy, from planning and set-up to reporting and clean-up.

      *This position has been filled.

  • Child Care Health Program (CCHP) Nutrition Program, Maternal Child, and Adolescent Health Section 

    • Nutrition Program Trainee*: will be an integral part of the SFDPH Child Care Health Program team, ensuring the health and safety of low-income preschool children. The member will support the CCHP Nutrition Program, providing nutrition screening, health education circles, training for Early Care and Education (ECE) teachers, support for parents and family members, and additional interventions to promote children’s health and well-being.

      *This position has been filled.

  • Chronic Pain Interventions

    • Chronic Pain Program Coordinator/Health Coach*: will support alternative pain management programs and help improve opioid safety by providing patient intake, health coaching, facilitation, and logistics support for alternative pain management strategies. The member will conduct outreach to patients with chronic pain and co-morbidities, providing coaching around nutrition, exercise, and other lifestyle medication in order to promote patient self-efficacy, as well as provide linkages to wellness programs. The member will also improve processes through work with opioid safety champions across the network to identify gaps in current practice, and implement new workflows to help improve compliance to opioid safety recommendations.

      *This position has been filled

  • Street Medicine and Shelter Health Program

    • MAT Liaisons (2 positions): will collaborate with medical and outreach staff of the Street Medicine and Shelter Health programs to address the opioid epidemic amongst homeless clients. The members’ activities will include outreach/follow-up, education and preparation; navigation; assisting in care coordination; assessing patient satisfaction and current service delivery and outcomes; and training staff of collaborating organizations about MAT and linking patients to our programs. 

  • School-Based Screening

    • Nutrition Educator/Program Assistant*: will assist our education, surveillance and dental disease prevention programs serving preschool, elementary and some middle school students. The member will conduct in-class education sessions on nutrition/healthy eating for overall health and obesity and dental disease prevention; create/update nutrition education handouts; coordinate logistics; organize educational packets for schools and parents; assist in the delivery of preventive interventions, and record data for citywide oral health surveillance.

      *This position has been filled


HealthRIGHT 360 Host Sites:

  • Integrated Care Center (ICC) and Haight-Ashbury Clinic

    • Opioid/Substance Use (OUD/SUD) Disorder Access Coordinator*: will assist outreach teams and patient navigators in reaching out to homeless and underserved populations who experience or are at risk for OUD/SUD, engaging patients in care through group and individual education. The member will create access to health care services for persons with OUD/SUD including medicated assisted treatment (MAT) and withdrawal management services for patients entering residential and outpatient programs, administer standardized tools to assess risk for OUD/SUD, and will help to enroll patients with OUD into MAT services and panel management.

      *This position has been filled

    • Diabetes and Chronic Care Coordinators (2 positions)*: will help coordinate care for those with diabetes and chronic disease conditions that are associated with obesity. Members will assist in outreach to patients, engaging them in comprehensive care, including nutrition, access to and participation with a food pharmacy, retinopathy screenings, foot checks, and regular testing. Members will also participate in the recruitment and teaching of group classes on nutrition.

      *Both of these positions have been filled

    • Nutrition Care Coordinator*: will engage patients in healthy eating habits and physical activity through the Green Mobile Kitchen Project and by working directly with our Diet and Exercise Class to: secure fresh produce for the group, develop recipes patients can easily cook, and create activities to increase physical fitness. The member will also conduct in-reach to our patients to encourage their participation, and work with community partners and funders to implement the Green Mobile Kitchen Project.

      *This position has been filled

    • MAT Program and Outreach Coordinator: will conduct community outreach to inform community members of our services and to engage people that may otherwise not be connected to OUD/SUD treatment and related support services. The member will work directly with our primary care teams and case manage patients through medication assisted treatment (MAT) for OUD/SUD; tracking progress/treatment adherence; outreaching to patients lost to follow-up; and conducting targeted outreach to patients engaged in Suboxone treatment.

  • Lyon-Martin Health Services & Women’s Community Clinic

    • Opioid/Substance Use Disorder Access Coordinator: will play a role in coordinating care for those with substance use disorder (SUD), especially those with opioid use disorder (OUD). The member will reach out to homeless people to engage them in care for OUD/SUD treatment, participate in OUD/SUD education and treatment groups, and help coordinate care for OUD/SUD clients across various services. This includes identifying those entering treatment, coordinating their OUD/SUD care, primary care, and mental health care. They will also focus on increasing access to OUD/SUD care for homeless populations through outreach. The member will work with our Outreach team to outreach to homeless clients and support activities such as our Femmes and Friends program. This even occurs weekly and is open to all female identifying homeless clients and provides patient education, medical services, behavioral health services, and community engagement in a safe space for this vulnerable population.

    • Healthy Living Care Coordinator* (2 positions): will play a role in coordinating care for those who are at risk for or suffer from tobacco use disorder and chronic disease conditions that are associated with obesity. This includes identifying patients in a primary care settings, coordinating their care, including nutrition education and assistance, and coordination standard screenings for this population. The member will serve to outreach to patients, and engage them in comprehensive care, which includes: participation in patient education groups and care with their healthcare team. This member will also participate in the recruitment and teaching of group classes on tobacco cessation or other chronic disease topic, including obesity . The member will also ensure that these patients are engaged in enabling services focused on social determinants of health.

      *1 of 2 of these positions has been filled

Other Host Sites:


St. Anthony Medical Clinic

  • Healthy Lifestyles Educator: will support patients who are or at risk for being obese and/or living with or at risk for chronic conditions linked to obesity. The member will provide health education through individual counseling and group classes, teaching nutrition, cooking and fitness with the goal of empowering patients to actively manage their health and be informed about healthier choices to help improve their quality of life.


Curry Senior Center

  • Senior Vitality Assistant*: will assist our technology-focused Senior Vitality program, which aims to improve health and reduce isolation for participants. The member will conduct outreach to enhance program enrollment; coordinate and participate in monthly group discussions on healthy living; assist seniors with gaining access to and using their online health portal; help seniors with use of health technology equipment and apps to track and manage their health; coordinate health coaching appointments for seniors; and coordinate and participate in monthly Consumer Advisory Panel meetings.

* This position has been filled

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