In 1982, a group of community-based, non-profit health clinics – recognizing their shared values and concerns – came together to form the San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium (SFCCC).  The creation of SFCCC allowed these clinics to pool their collective resources to address their needs and interests, and those of their patients, to local, state and national policy makers.

SFCCC works to lead and support the partnership in four core areas, each with distinct programs: access to care, workforce development, maximization of valuable resources and health policy.  While SFCCC partner health clinics focus on patient care and preserving the well-being of the communities they serve, SFCCC promotes the health of our clinics - keeping them poised to adapt to a changing healthcare environment - so that their long-standing tradition of community care is preserved.

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Reasons to "Kill the Bill"
PrEP Meeting Tonight at Glide!

Fifteen years ago, SFCCC joined Amerinet, now known as Intalere, so that SFCCC and its partner clinics can obtain cost savings in all areas of a facility’s supply chain from medical supplies, building maintenance to equipment purchases. 

Feature Stories

Featured Stories
Consortium Quarterly - Spring 2017

San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium's Quarterly Newsletter

Consortium Quaterly - Spring 2016

San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium’s quarterly newsletter

Spring - 2016


We couldn't be more proud of the amazing service and support our AmeriCorps members bring to our partner clinics and the patients they serve!  Meet one half of our 2015-2016 San Francisco Community HealthCorps team in the first edition of our 15-16 Newsletter - Introduction to the 2nd half of our team coming soon! 

Consortium Quarterly - Winter 2015

San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium’s quarterly newsletter

Winter - 2015