Accessing Our Services

Vet SOS provides complimentary veterinary care at 12 clinics per year to the companion animals of homeless San Franciscans.


To be eligible for Vet SOS services, you must be homeless and provide documentation after the first visit on a form we will provide you at that visit which can also be found here.

The majority of our clients reside on the streets, in parks, emergency shelters, and temporary SRO hotel rooms. If you are low income but housed, you are not eligible for Vet SOS services.

If we have seen at least one of your animals in the last year and you have already brought or will bring to Vet SOS a completed Vet SOS homeless verification letter, you are a current Vet SOS client.

Between Clinics

Please note that we cannot accommodate Vet SOS clients at our office between scheduled clinics. Please visit our next Vet SOS clinic for pet food, prescription refills, supplies or other needs.

If you need veterinary assistance between Vet SOS clinics, please contact the SF SPCA at 415-554-3000 or go to the nearest veterinary hospital.

Through a partnership with the Pacific Heights Campus of the SF SPCA, a 24-hour veterinary hospital in San Francisco, current Vet SOS clients in good standing are eligible to receive limited emergency care for their pets between Vet SOS clinic dates, only when all of the following criteria are met:

  • Your pet is a dog or cat.

  • Your pet is spayed or neutered.

  • Your pet has attended a Vet SOS clinic within the last 12 months.

  • You have a current eligibility letter, signed by a local homeless service provider within the last 12 months, on file with Vet SOS.