Meet Our Clients


Street outreach services (SOS)



Tonya has been staying in an SRO in the Mission since 1993, but she spends most of her days outdoors. She visits the SOS van every Wednesday afternoon when we check in on people living under a freeway ramp. “Y’all make me more into me,” she says. Our continuous care and concern encourage her to schedule more check ups with her primary care doctor.  (Photo credit: Marlena Hartman-Filson)

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Al and Trinity

Al and his puppy, Trinity, relax after they each received services at January’s SOS/VET SOS dual clinic. Originally from Ventura, Al is now traveling around the West Coast and currently living outdoors in San Francisco. If it weren’t for SOS and VET SOS, Al says he doesn’t know where he would get care for himself or Trinity. With us, he was able to receive all the medical  and veterinary services he needed in one place.



After being incarcerated for most of his life, Ernest was recently paroled. He was hanging out in his old neighborhood when his friend encouraged him to visit the SOS van to pick up some hygiene supplies, over the counter medications, and a snack. Upon his release, the county jail set him up with basic medical coverage and a primary care clinic but Ernest was welcomed by our team to use SOS for urgent and preventive care when he can’t get in to see his regular doctor. (Photo credit: Marlena Hartman-Filson)



Alvaro and Max

SOS recently secured permanent, affordable housing in San Francisco for client, Alvaro, and constant canine comp-anion, Max. SOS also connected Alvaro with SFCCC member clinics for geriatric and dental care, while VET SOS provided free veterinary services to Max and coordinated his service animal licensing. After spending the last 20 years without a regular roof over his head, Alvaro can now be seen looking for furniture and artwork to decorate their new home. (Photo credit: Marlena Hartman-Filson)

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When Mario first visited the SOS van, our outreach team discovered that he had dangerously high blood pressure. At the time, he was spending his nights sleeping in a local church and was unconnected to regular health care services. SOS now regularly checks in on Mario to ensure his chronic conditions are adequately monitored in collaboration with his new primary care clinic. Mario says, “It’s important that SOS comes directly to a place that people like me can access easily.” (Photo credit: Marlena Hartman-Filson)



Born in El Salvador, Carlos has lived in San Francisco for most of his adult life. He bought a house when he was nineteen, got married, and had a daughter. He says that after some bad decisions he lost the house, split up with his wife, and went to prison. He appreciates that SOS services come to the neighborhood he’s called home for most of the last 30 years and appreciates seeing the friendly faces of our outreach team there. (Photo credit: Marlena Hartman-Filson)


Boo Boo

Because Boo Boo gets dehydrated easily, he makes sure to stop by and see SOS for a bottle of water during our weekly outreach to the park where he lives. He also visits SOS weekly at a local church supper, where our multi-disciplinary team provides doctor’s visits, medications, health education, and case management services. “It’s always nice to see you guys,” he says of his experience with our outreach team. (Photo credit: Marlena Hartman-Filson)

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TJ lived in a house in San Francisco for 40 years before becoming homeless, but now he can’t imagine living anywhere other than his dwelling under a freeway that he now calls home. “I didn’t shed a tear when I left my house, but I’ll be devastated when I have to leave here,” he says. He loves meeting all the people who pass through his area, including the SOS outreach team. “Even though people say we’re homeless,” he says, “we get more house calls out here than anyone.” (Photo credit: Marlena Hartman-Filson)



Kese and his family moved to the U.S. from American Samoa when he was nine. Now 50, he has been living on the streets of San Francisco for two years. He says he doesn’t travel much and probably wouldn’t get the services we provide elsewhere. SOS set up Kese with a primary care clinic, which he says is important to him because he has high blood pressure. He appreciates that the SOS team reminds him of his doctor appointments when they see him each week. (Photo credit: Marlena Hartman-Filson)


Jenn and Roscoe

Roscoe waits patiently as his human companion, Jenn, sees the doctor at January’s SOS/VET SOS dual clinic. A friend told Jenn about VET SOS because she needed flea treatment and heartworm prevention medication for Roscoe. When she came to clinic, she didn’t expect to be able to see a doctor for herself, but now she has the medications she needs and is working on getting connected to primary care. 


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Ramon is originally from California’s Central Valley, but he’s been homeless in San Francisco for a little over a year. He has a seven year old son in Australia and a 21-year old son who lives locally. Ramon says he wants to change his life for his sons and that SOS is helping him do that by providing him with free medical care and hygiene supplies each week. Nowhere else has he been that “people show up and ask what you need and then they give it to you.” “SOS keeps me going,” he says. “It’s very cool.” (Photo credit: Marlena Hartman-Filson)