Meet Us


Street outreach services (SOS)


Beth Rittenhouse-Dhesi, Director of Community Services

Beth joined SFCCC in 2004, after stints as a case manager, program manager, and mental health policy advocate, including 5 years in HIV and homeless services at an SFCCC member clinic. Favorite parts of her job include oversight of Street Outreach Services (SOS) and its Veterinary Street Outreach Services (Vet SOS) project. She believes mobile services are the best way to provide care to homeless people and recently served on the advisory board of a new agency delivering showers and "radical hospitality" to people living on the streets.

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Manny Gonzalez, SOS Outreach Manager

Manny joined SFCCC as an Outreach Worker in 2002; as the program has grown, so has his level of responsibility. Manny manages all the day-to-day operations of the SOS mobile medical clinic and welcomes many residents, students, and volunteers each year. Prior to moving to San Francisco, Manny worked for a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization dedicated to providing social services to gay & lesbian youth. 



Brooke Wilson, SOS Outreach Coordinator

Brooke is honored to be a part of the SOS team and fulfill her passions to create a happier and healthier environment by helping the city’s homeless as well as their animal companions. Brooke looks forward to learning from the SOS clients and helping both them and their pets in every way she can.




Carly Matsukuma, SOS Outreach Worker

Since moving to San Francisco, Carly has been interested in working with the city’s underserved communities. She is excited and humbled to finally be working with the homeless population. Carly enjoys her work because it aligns well with her background in kinesiology and interest in pursuing medicine.




Sam Gilmore, SOS Outreach Worker

I really care about this planet and the people, and am always seeking new ways to help and be a part of positive change. I’m really grateful to be able to help our clients in a meaningful way backed up by an awesome organization of caring coworkers and health advocates!