SFHN’s new integrated electronic consultation and referral software

Over the last ten years, the ZSFG has in place a homegrown eReferral system, which is used by 123 services across three portals (ZSFG Adult, ZSFG Pediatrics and LHH). eReferral has significantly impacted the quality of care provided to patients along four targeted goals:

1.Improved patient experience

2.Improved provider experience

3.Population health

4.Lower costs/improved efficiency of specialty care delivery

However, the current software is old, and has few built-in analytics for reporting and QI purposes. Moving forward, the network will transition to a new software platform powered by RubiconMD, for stability, better user interface, and greater IT flexibility. The new software platform provides new functionalities, and allows better care coordination, with built-in analytics for PRIME/GPP reporting and ongoing quality improvement. Trainings are expected to be completed by the end of this month.


Link to the Referring Provider Video: (22 minutes)




Link to the Specialist Video: (20 minutes)


Link to the Scheduler Video: (13 minutes)


Please stop submitting non-urgent eReferrals as of Feb 7 @ 5pm


The new SFHN eConsult system will be launching this Friday, February 9th. Below you will find the transition plan and eConsult tutorial videos. The tutorial videos are available via LCR, eCW, and the CHN Intranet homepage.  The CHN Intranet also has an eConsult FAQ page (including information about how to send feedback to the eConsult team about the new system) and other related documents. These MUST be viewed on a DPH COMPUTER or from remote log-in to the DPH Intranet.


Transition Plan:

  • Wed Feb 7th, 2018 5pm: STOP submitting all non-urgent eReferrals allowing specialists and schedulers some time to address existing eReferrals in their queues; urgent referrals can still be submitted through Thurs 5pm.
  • Thurs Feb 8th, 2018, 5pm: eReferral is turned off and all data are migrated over to new SFHN eConsult system
  • Fri Feb 9th, 2018, 8am: SFHN eConsult available for all providers to submit consults ONLY to Radiology and IR
  • Sat/Sun Feb 10th-11th, 2018, 8am: SFHN eConsult available for all weekend providers to submit to all services
  • Mon Feb 12th, 2018, 8am: SFHN eConsult available for all providers to submit to all services


February 9-16, 2018 (first week)

  • Conference call bridge for immediate help, 8am-5pm Mon-Fri and 8am-Noon on Saturday (415) 206-6666, code 640287
  • DPH IT ticket (628) 206-7378, (dph.helpdesk@sfdph.org)

February 17, 2018 onward

If you have any questions/ concerns regarding the new eConsult system please call eConsult Program Manager, Amanda Aguilar at 415-206-4523, email econsult@sfdph.org, or submit a DPH help desk ticket.


Thank you,
The eConsult team


SFHN Primary Care Post-Discharge Phone Call Protocol

Script of procedures to follow for Post-Discharge phone interview with patient

The presentation walks through the steps to get to 2 lists:

  1. a daily ZSFG admissions (census list) list, and
  2. a separate list of discharges from previous 45 days. Both can be sorted by PCC 

(Note that the same LCR screens  are part of the Post-Discharge Phone Call Protocol pdf slide set Appendix A1  

These LCR lists have only admissions and discharge information, not ED and UCC information.  They do let proactive care coordinators go into LCR each day, sort the lists by PCC,  and "pull" the data about any of their clinic's patients.  We don't know which, if any, of the SFCCC clinics are routinely doing this. Our future DTR will be a "push" tool that brings inpatient admit/ discharges to care coordinators' notice more easily, and also integrates ED and UCC visit data. )

The presentation also steps through protocols for entering notes in eCW. However, SFCCC Clinicians do not normally have this level of access and will not be able to follow this procedure.

PRDOC update function in LCR to keep PCP/PCC assignment and contact information current:

At this time, PRDOC allows for only one contact email to be entered. The new Care Transitions Orderset (see Number 1 below in “Upcoming Tools and Training” section) is designed to allow multiple contact emails for notification of inpatient admissions. PRDOC contact email can be a either the PCP’s own email, or a dedicated clinic email that can be checked by any team member assigned to care coordination functions as well as by the PCP (if so desired). HR360 sites have adopted this method and could be a resource for learning more about this approach. Examples of their contact emails are PCC558@healthright360.org, PCC1735@healthright360.org.

eReferral Training 1: Referring Provider

eReferral Training 2: Scheduler

eReferral Training 3: Specialist Reviewer