Meet Our Clients


veterinary Street outreach services (vet SOS)


Lawrence and Diamond

Lawrence’s sister gave him Diamond in 2011 and told Diamond to take good care of her “Dad.” Lawrence says, “She’s been doing a good job, showing me so much love and changing my mood when I’m feeling down.” Lawrence added, “A little walk in the park and a snuggle changes everything.”


Richard and Toodles

Richard and his partner, James, found Toodles in an abandoned car after talking with a psychic and wishing for a dog. Richard says, “Toodles helps keep my family together while we’ve been homeless. He’s a godsend for us.”


LeSally and Kali

“Kali was a gift from a friend,” says LaSally. “She has so much energy, just like me. She keeps my mind off things I don’t want to think about and just always keeps me playing. She’s my heart.”


Rawnie and Chuck, Absinthe

Vet SOS client Rawnie says, "Chuck and Absinthe are my most awesome friends in the world; they keep me alive."


Levi and Scarlett

Levi says that Scarlett was “born near Valentine’s Day and is like love to me." He added, “Scarlett is so smart and provides me with a lot of emotional support. When I look into her eyes, I know everything is going to be okay.”


Larry and Ringo

Larry told us, “Ringo makes me feel like I belong.” He says that he and his partner of 10 years, Danny, found Ringo on the side of the road with a note saying “Take me home.” Ever since Larry and Danny were evicted from their apartment, they’ve made a loving home with Ringo in the back of their SUV.


Lisa and Charlie, Jasper

Lisa says that she visits Vet SOS because the clinic staff and volunteers treat her well. She told us that she loves her pets, Charlie and Jasper, and that they keep her occupied and engaged with life.


Daniel and Samantha

Daniel adopted Samantha from a shelter when she was just six weeks old. He says that she keeps him quiet and calm, and that he goes to Vet SOS because we provide good veterinary care.


Edmundo and Frisco, Darkness

When Vet SOS asked how his pets affect his life, Edmundo told us, "I'm dedicated to Frisco and Darkness and I care for them more than myself. They keep me motivated and off drugs. My animals are my guardians during rough times."


Keith and Rocco

Rocco has been a part of Keith's life for three years. When VET SOS asked him to describe his relationship with Rocco, Keith said, "He's my joy. I rely on him for everything. I've lost a lot and have been addicted. Now I'm 10 months sober and can't imagine being without him."


David and Zoe

"Zoe is my family..." David has faithfully and passionately cared for Zoe for five years. While living on the streets has presented challenges for both, their love for each other has eased the pain. David and Zoe share a tender moment at a Vet SOS outreach clinic.