SFCCC Joins 2,000+ Partners Nationwide in Massive Push to Register Voters on September 24

The goal for this year’s annual National Voter Registration Day is to increase participation in the 2019 midterm and state elections across the country by encouraging Americans to register to vote and make their voices heard at the ballot box. While presidential elections get the media attention, “off-year” elections are a chance for voters to elect men and women who will have immediate impacts on their daily lives. Since its founding in 2012, National Voter Registration Day has grown into a massive cultural and civic event with nationwide reach.

As a nonpartisan unofficial national holiday, National Voter Registration Day counts on thousands of partners and volunteers across the political spectrum. Started in 2012 for the presidential election, National Voter Registration Day is designed to create an annual moment when the entire nation focuses on registering Americans to exercise their most basic right – the right to vote.

Americans can register to vote at hundreds of events across the nation and online at www.NationalVoterRegistrationDay.org. Supporters can also follow National Voter Registration Day activities through social media on September 24 by searching #NationalVoterRegistrationDay, #VoteReady.

Natasha Dao