Kaiser Permanente Grant for SFCCC Quality Improvement Program

Kaiser Permanente has awarded SFCCC a two year grant totaling $150,000 for the SFCCC Quality Improvement (QI) program. This program benefits the SFCCC partner clinics by helping them to achieve the Patient Center Health Home (PCHH) elements of supporting the creation and sustainment of provider-led care teams and engaging patients early and often as stewards of their health centers, clinics and communities. The goal of the QI program is to enhance patient centeredness within day-to-day clinic operations of caring for patients and families. The QI program fosters a sense of commonality and purpose. Tangible benefits of the program are: (1) Improved patient care; (2) Greater patient and clinic staff satisfaction; (3) More productive and less time-consuming quality improvement activities; and (4) improved compliance with government and funders’ quality management expectations.

Quality Improvement has been the cornerstone of Kaiser Permanente’s partnership with the safety net.  In addition to grant funding, Kaiser Permanente shares their knowledge, experience and clinical practices. Our collaboration with Kaiser Permanente and other safety net providers is focused on continuously improving the patient experience.  Working together, we are addressing chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity. We are making sustainable change that builds our capacity, so that we can help more people in need.
California’s safety net plays a vital role in caring for Californians who don’t have health insurance or are under-insured. Quality Improvement support from Kaiser Permanente bolsters the larger health care delivery system by helping more people get access to quality health care.  The project is supported by Kaiser Permanente through a fund established at the East Bay Community Foundation.