Ask your Members of Congress to fix the health center funding cliff: Time is Running Out!



The horrible Graham Cassidy Bill is pulled for now: But we are reaching our deadline for Health Center Funding!!  There are only a few more days until the Health Center Funding Cliff takes affect and a 70% reduction to Health Center Program funding becomes a reality. So far, Congress has not prioritized fixing the Health Center Funding Cliff. The future of the Health Center Program depends on our advocacy!

While our particular legislators have been, and continue to be, supportive of us and our mission, we need to create a sense of urgency to act before September 30, 2017!  ACT NOW by posting on Facebook and Twitter to your Members of Congress. 

  #1: Ask Your Representative to Co-Sponsor H.R. 3770, the Community Health Investment, Modernization & Excellence (CHIME) Act of 2017, being sponsored by Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY).

  #2: If Your Representative Has Already Co-Sponsored H.R. 3770, let's show them how much we appreciate their support! Send them an email, tweet, and Facebook post.


  to send an email, Tweet or post on Facebook!