It's Happening: Medi-Cal for all California's Eligible Children

SFCCC is eagerly awaiting the day in May, 2016, when children eligible for Medi-Cal, regardless of immigration status, will be eligible for Medi-Cal.  Families seeking help in enrolling their child in limited scope (sometimes called "Emergency" )  Medi-Cal as a bridge to full scope Medi-Cal in May should seek assistance at a SFCCC partner clinic.

The California Endowment's #Health4All Kids has provided us with some helpful outreach materials and conducted a media call (see press release below). 

Also, a popular TeleNovela integrates information about this important program into the story line.  View the short video at:

Selections fromPress Release:


Families Encouraged to Enroll in Restricted Medi-Cal Now
to Prepare for May Expansion 

Sacramento, Calif.,  – California will soon be the fifth state in the nation to expand affordable, quality health care to lower-income undocumented children. Medi-Cal is set to expand in May to include – for the first time – all lower-income children, ages 0-18, regardless of immigration status. Even as the open enrollment period for Covered California concludes, a campaign called #Health4All Kids is ramping up to educate undocumented and mixed immigration-status families in California about the upcoming expansion and what steps need to be taken to ensure children can take full advantage.

“One third of our patients are children, so #Health4all kids hits really close to home, and it’s going to dramatically impact the communities we’ve served for generations,” said Ben Avey, from the California Primary Care Association. “The first step for families is to find a trusted and valued partner who can help you walk through this process. We know that sometimes it can be very complicated, and there are resources out there.”

Families can begin enrolling eligible children into restricted-scope Medi-Cal now. Those enrolled will be automatically transitioned into comprehensive Medi-Cal, which will provide undocumented children with preventative health services, once the expansion takes effect in May. An eligible child does not need to have an urgent medical need to enroll. Medi-Cal enrollment, for all who are eligible, is open year-round.

“Please feel free to come forward and sign up any eligible children or eligible family members because it is safe,” said Ronald Coleman of the California Immigrant Policy Center, who stressed that families should not be afraid of sharing their personal information out of fear of deportation. 

As part of the #Health4All Kids initiative, The Endowment has executed a strategic paid media campaign and educational collateral, aiming to reach undocumented and mixed status families whose children are newly eligible. Materials include: