Staff Celebrates John Gressman's 25 Years as Leader of SFCCC

On October 20, 2016, SFCCC held a surprise staff celebration to honor John Gressman, MSW, MA who has been President and Chief Executive Officer of SFCCC for 25 years.  Staff honored John for his intelligence, strategic thinking, commitment, integrity and kindness and John described the growth and progress that SFCCC has made over the last 25 years. Congratulations John!



The California Endowment has teamed up with the Latino Coalition for a Healthy California to produce a new Spanish language web video encouraging people to vote in this year’s election.    Please view and share this 30 second Spanish language web video:   (

Join the Bay Area Medi-Cal 50 Years Anniversary Celebration!

When? Tuesday October 25, 2016 9:30 to 11:30 am

Where? Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital Front Courtyard 1001 Potrero Avenue, SF CA 94110


Questions? Contact

Sponsored by The California Department of Health Care Services, San Francisco Health Plan,  Health Plan of San Mateo, and Health Access.

Governor Brown Signs Bill on Marriage and Family Therapists – Victory for Health Centers!



In a victory for health centers looking to increase and diversify their behavioral health workforce, Governor Brown recently signed AB1863 (Woods) which allows Federally Qualified Health Centers to bill Medi-Cal for behavioral health visits conducted by Marriage and Family Therapists.   This bill will go into effect on January 1, 2017 and SFCCC will be working with our colleagues at the California Primary Care Associationon implementation.  A fact sheet with Q and A's will be available in late October.

FREE IMMIGRATION LAW WORKSHOP to be conducted by ALRP and Positive Resource Center

Positive Resource Center and AIDS Legal Referral Panel invite you to their Immigration Law Workshop. This Training will be conducted in English and is appropriate for consumers as well as providers.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016, 11:30 AM-3:00 PM

The Women's Building, San Francisco

 As space is limited, RSVP is required for those planning to attend this workshop.  To register, contact Tuquan Harrison at or 415 972-0835



New Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Questions: Information for Patients


The National LGBT Health Education Center has developed a new resource pamphlet explaining to patients at health centers why they are being asked about sexual orientation and gender identity, what the answer options mean., and what to do if they do not want to answer these questions. There is also information for patients about why this information is important to the health center, and what will be done with the answers to these questions.

SFCCC Graduates its 21st Community HealthCorps/AmeriCorps Team!

SFCCC has participated in the Community HealthCorps National Direct AmeriCorps program since its inception in 1995 and in July we graduated our 21st class of Community HealthCorps/AmeriCorps members!  Collectively this team of 21 members provided over 35,700 hours in service to underserved San Franciscans in need of culturally competent, quality health services.  These members expanded access to services that would have otherwise not been provided or to patients that would not have otherwise accessed these services. 

This 2015-2016 program year our members provided health education and health-related information to over 4,500 patients and enrolled over 600 patients into insurance or health access programs.  Most of our members have begun graduate or masters-level programs after their terms of service ended; two of which are attending medical school at UCSF and one is in the Masters Entry Level Nursing Program at UCSF, one member received a full-ride scholarship to UCLA’s PRIME program and another received a Dean’s list scholarship to his medical school program at Duke.  We also had 5 members that have been hired in positions in community health in San Francisco, continuing their legacy of service by increasing access to quality health services for San Francisco’s most underserved.  We couldn’t be more proud of our 2015-2016 San Francisco Community HealthCorps Members and we’d like to extend a HUGE thank you to all of them for their amazingly dedicated year of service to our SF community!     

Register to Vote

Health Centers throughout the country are spreading the work about how easy it is to register to vote. To register on line please go to:


In California, the Deadline to register (postmarked or submitted electronically) is October 24, 2016.

The next General Election is November 8, 2016.



National Health Center Week: Health Care for the Homeless Day!



SFCCC’s Street Outreach Services (SOS) provides mobile urgent medical care and connection to long term primary care for San Francisco’s homeless and marginally housed population.  In the first six months of 2016, we had over 300 health education encounters on topics including overdose prevention, risk reduction, and chronic disease management.  We were able to connect 45% of people using SOS with primary care and 64% to substance abuse treatment services, while providing immediate critical services such as 90 flu vaccinations.   We also implemented an electronic health record that allows us to streamline services across care sites and includes a patient communication platform to remind patients of appointments.  Learn more at


Celebrate National Health Center Week by Becoming a Health Center Advocate!

After more than 15 years of dramatic growth, America’s Health Centers are the now largest network of primary care providers in the nation. Health centers today serve more than 24 million patients and are supported by nearly 200,000 staff and board members. The work of the Health Center Advocacy Network has been a major reason for the past growth of health centers but we now need to GROW even more to keep pace with this inspiring movement!

Use your voice to support Health Centers and your community by signing up to be a Health Center Advocate!   You will receive occasional communications with the latest on how you can be a voice for Health.


Please celebrate National Health Center Week by going to   and click on Join the Campaign


SFCCC Board of Directors Endorses Local Initiative to Tax Sugar Sweetened Beverages

  Research has shown that Sugar Sweetened Beverages offer no nutritional value and are linked to risks for obesity, diabetes and heart disease.   Patients served by SFCCC and its member clinics are disproportionately impacted by these diseases.



Therefore, the San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium Board of Directors has voted to endorse a Sugar Sweetened Beverage Tax submitted by several members of the Board of Supervisors for the November, 2016 ballot.  For more information, please go to


VET SOS Featured in Article During Local Media's Homeless Project Week

On June 30th on reporter Eve Batey wrote a thoughtful article entitled"Pets Of Homeless People Provide Huge Benefits, But Often Keep Them On The Streets," that featured SFCCC's VET SOS program.

Excerpts from the article:  "Rick is the only one who has ever really loved me," a man named Sam told me as he sat on a sidewalk at the end of Judah Street in the Outer Sunset. "The only one I've loved who hasn't ever hurt me," he said.

Rick, a three-year-old Chihuahua mix, sat in Sam's lap, drifting in and out of sleep.

"I don't know what I'd do without him," Sam, a self-described "outdoor sleeper" who declined to give his last name, said, as he rubbed Rick's head. "I don't always take good care of myself, but I always take good care of Rick."

 "Not only are the monthly vet clinics a good way to ensure that pets cared for by homeless people are in the best possible health, they are also a "great tool to connect humans to care," Rittenhouse-Dhesi says. Deena Lahn, SFCCC's Vice President for Policy and Advocacy agrees, saying that many times, ... (humancentric) street outreach teams will be rebuffed by homeless people, .." But these same people will seek care for their companion animals, and that's when a bridge can be built, as once they build a relationship with their vet and see "that they aren't being judged," they will open up to SOS volunteers about the health care needs they, themselves are facing."

See full article at:



Good News! Governor Brown Signs Law Limiting Medi-Cal Estate Recovery


When the Affordable Care Act (ACA) expanded Medi-Cal to thousands of Californians, outreach and enrollment specialists found that California's estate recovery program was a barrier to people enrolling in Medi-Cal.  With the passage of SB33 by California State Senator Dr. Ed Hernandez, California, like many other states in the country, will limit estate collection to long term care, as is required by federal law.