Volunteers In Service to America (VISTA)

SFCCC is ending its VISTA program in August 2013 and is not offering any new VISTA placements. Please look at our AmeriCorps/Community HealthCorps National Direct program for current and future service opportunities with SFCCC

Service Description

VISTAs will promote health and prevent disease among San Francisco's diverse low-income, medically under-served communities, including those who are homeless or marginally housed, and persons of color who are experiencing disproportionate health disparities. Members will expand primary and preventive health services and programs; develop and strengthen health information technology systems; and fortify community volunteer recruitment and management while developing the skills they need to pursue a health profession. Specific member activities will include:

  • Develop screening and disease management programs and electronic chronic disease registries for diabetes, hepatitis B, and depression
  • Develop or expand programs for prenatal and pediatric care, breast health, and healthier lifestyles
  • Compile and analyze data to improve clinic quality, productivity and effectiveness
  • Implement systems to improve the conditions of shelters
  • Establish a community volunteer program recruitment and management system
  • Write grants and promote sustainability associated with the above projects

VISTA’s will focus on capacity building and sustainability of programs and placement sites by utilizing methods such as: conducting research, needs assessments, identifying best practices, analyzing data and conducting trainings. Success will be measured by the collection and reporting of activities, achievements and challenges, and tracking progress in achieving assignment descriptions. VISTA's are placed in a variety of agencies, e.g., county Health Department, non-profit community clinics, and a local non-profit medical center. Required skills are dependent upon placement site. Training on health skills and resources is provided as needed for placement.

Create Volunteer Program: Recruit and train volunteers, Develop volunteer assignments, Develop volunteer program

Fund Development: Organize fundraising events, Grant writing, Secure project staffing

Build Community Involvement: Organize task force or coalition, Develop leadership of task force or coalition, Create lasting organizational intrastructure

Develop Clinical Program: Coordinate a new project, Develop procedures and systems, Write procedural guide, document success

Reach Out to Your Community: Conduct outreach, Design brochures, posters, Create mechanism for project evaluation

San Francisco Community HealthCorps VISTA project areas include: Chronic Disease Collaborative, Service Expansion, Outreach and Resource Development, Volunteer Program Development, Community Assessment, and Curriculum Development.

More information on VISTA Service locations can be found here [link to VISAT sites, under development].

Program Benefits

VISTA is a twelve month, full-time commitment and members are required to work an average of 40 hours per week. They usually serve within the work hours of their sponsoring organizations, but are expected to be available evenings and weekends to meet the needs of the project and community. VISTA’s receive a living allowance stipend of $15,912 for twelve months of service, health coverage, and 10 personal and 10 sick leave days. Additionally all VISTA’s receive training and development opportunities including a mandatory Pre-Service Orientation provided by the Corporation for National and Community Service. VISTA’s can choose to receive either the Education Award of $5,350 or an End-of-Service-Stipend of $1,500 at the end of their VISTA service. Additional benefits such as child care and student loan deferment are available to those who qualify.

Recruitment Information

The San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium is currently not recruiting VISTA Members.

How to Apply 

1. Visit americorps.gov and click on "My Americorps"

2. Register to create your own personal account. Once you have applied to My AmeriCorps, you will get your own customized home page, where you can see the status of your application, update profile information and references, search for opportunities of interest, and submit your application to Community Healthcorps-San Francisco.

3. Submit your completed AmeriCorps application via your My AmeriCorps account to Community Healthcorps-San Francisco. We will access your application through the portal and you will be notified when it is under review.

For more information about any of the Americorps Programs at SFCCC please contact Sarah Gordon at (415) 355-2247 or sgordon@sfccc.org.