Leadership in Health Policy and Community Relations


Health Policy

The goal of SFCCC’s health policy work is to ensure that the voices of SFCCC partner health clinics and the communities that they serve are heard by our elected and appointed public officials at the local, state, and national level. SFCCC advocates for policies and legislation that will enable our partner clinics to provide needed health services to their patients and communities. Our representation efforts include appointments to numerous board and advisory committee seats, and serving as a community spokesperson in meetings and leadership conversations with decision makers.

Strategic Partnerships

SFCCC recognizes that our work is interdependent on several groups, and that we benefit from the collective wisdom and knowledge of our many partnerships. SFCCC is actively involved in long-standing collaborations with multiple provider and community partners that focus on improving the health status of San Franciscans and their communities. As an example, SFCCC is a key partner in the Healthy San Francisco program, which has gained our city national recognition for its creativity and commitment to providing access to health care for all of our residents.

Media Relations

SFCCC provides its partner health clinics with access to media consulting on an as-needed basis, to develop and implement media strategies that further our shared missions. SFCCC is also frequently consulted by the media on breaking stories, such as federal or state budget negotiations or local health concerns. We endeavor to provide accurate and timely overviews on issues and link the media to health clinics, providers, and patients for their “front line” perspectives.

Community Development

On an on-going basis, SFCCC maintains an awareness of the health care needs of our patients and their communities. We remain poised to lead the convening of initiatives to address those needs or join and become active partners with agencies/institutions in the community that are addressing those needs. Examples of SFCCC community development work include partnering with the UCSF/Geriatric Education Center on our Healthy Aging Project, with the African American Health Disparities Project on that issue, and with Jewish Vocational Services on our school-age youth health care workforce project.

Branding and Marketing

SFCCC and its partner health clinics are the pivotal providers of primary medical care services in San Francisco, from prenatal care to geriatric care, for more than 93,000 uninsured, low-income, working poor and homeless people each year. Our clinics are rooted in the community-based clinic movement that started more than 40 years ago in this country and launched the provision of health care to people who had limited or no access. SFCCC clinics provide culturally and linguistically sensitive care that is trusted. We create and utilize the best key messages and brand strategy that articulates who we are and what we do in a way that will sustain and grow our strong placement in the health care marketplace. We want to assure that we do that in a way that allows us to retain and continue to serve our current patients and at the same time attract and serve new patients in this era of choice that will result from health care reform.

Community Communications

SFCCC utilizes its website as a public resource for information on SFCCC policies and positions and to inform prospective patients and community members looking to access care about the services of our partner clinics.