Senate Again Proposes ACA Repeal: Timeline as of 7/25/17


Last Friday – Senate Parliamentarian released her list of guidance on provisions that she believes do not comply with budgetary guidelines.  This does not mean that these provisions are struck automatically from the bill, a Point of Order needs to be made on the floor for the provisions to be stripped.  Should these provisions be struck, it will make the bill even harder to pass.  Her list includes:

  • The provision removing Planned Parenthood from the Medicaid program for a year
  • The provision prohibiting individuals from using their tax subsidies to purchase insurance plans that cover abortions
  • The 6-month waiting period penalty for a lapse in insurance coverage
  • Payment of the Cost-Sharing Subsidies to Insurers
  • The “Buffalo Bailout”- the provision that limits the ability of NY State to require counties other than NY City to contribute funding to the state Medicaid program
  • Still to come:  Parliamentary guidance on Cruz amendment


Monday, 4 pm – Senate is back in session; there should be more information from Senators about how they are feeling at that point


Tuesday Senator McConnell plans to hold a vote on a Motion to Proceed (likely to be early in the day), but nobody knows exactly what they will be proceeding to.   Procedurally, it looks like they will be proceeding to the House-passed American Health Care Act and then an “amendment in the nature of a substitute” will be offered.  The substitute could be either:

  • H.R. 1628, the Obamacare Repeal Reconciliation Act of 2017;
  • Revised Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) w/out Cruz amendment; or
  • Revised BCRA w/Cruz amendment.
    • Possibility of adding $200 billion to help states handle the Medicaid expansion population



  • If MTP passes, then there will be 20 hours of debate (10 hours for Rs/10 hours for Ds)
  • During the debate, Republicans will offer their substitute amendment and other changes and Democrats will make Points of Order to strip non-germane provisions from the bill)
  • After 20 hours elapses, they will have the amendment vote-a-rama – as many amendments germane to the budget process and budget-neutral can be offered as desired, as long as the Senators are there to offer them (each amendment takes up about 15 minutes and they go all night)


Friday or early in the week of July 31 – vote on final passage

  • Right now it does not look like they have put together a package that can get 50 Republican votes; if Senator McCain remains absent, their math is even harder.
  • If it looks like the bill is going to pass, the House could stay in session to consider it immediately


July 28 (?) – August recess begins for House


August 14 (?) – August recess begins for Senate

(From California Health Advocates(7/25/17)