A Tribute to Allen Meyer – An Outstanding San Francisco Health Leader


After more than 25 years, on Friday, September 13, Allen Meyer left SFCCC and San Francisco to begin his new life in Florida and tending to his family. 

Allen, a lawyer by education, started work at SFCCC on August 8, 1988 on the Street Outreach Services ("SOS") Van.  He continued that work for 5 years after which time he began his work in program management and agency administration.  He was instrumental in overseeing Health Care for the Homeless, Health Corps, Americorps, VISTA, SOS, and VetSOS as well as representing SFCCC to the Area Health Education Council ("AHEC"). He was a dedicated advocate for respect and homeless services in the health care field. Allen’s quiet, gentle leadership touched thousands of people in his 25 years.

As the word spread of his resignation, SFCCC friends and partners came together to share stories about how Allen helped a patient, a leader or a fellow staff member along the way.  In a statewide meeting of AHEC, Directors related how Allen was a resource of information, provided new strategic approaches to various challenges, or simply was an ear to listen.  SFCCC Consumer Advisory Panel Members, a SFCCC Board Committee, shared how they could come to the SFCCC Office and learn from Allen where to go for any type of help.  And as Allen’s Supervisor of 22 years, I knew that ever consistent in his thinking, compassion from the heart and commitment to community health centers, Allen would always be there for SFCCC. 

As President and CEO, and on behalf of the Board of Directors, SFCCC Staff and all your professional colleagues and friends, thank you Allen, you made a huge difference. 

John Gressman