Instruction on converting Daily Transition Report from text to Excel.

1.      Login to Sharefile (, click on Folders (in the left menu) > Shared Folders. Open the folder for your clinic. Download the latest DTR (Daily Transition Report). Note the file is in text format.


This data contains patient health information and is subject to HIPAA laws and regulations. Remember to follow your clinic’s policies to save any files you create in a secure place and limit access to HIPAA data. Remember to securely delete unnecessary files you download and any files you no longer need.


2.     Save your text DTR file in downloads, or where convenient. You will need the file location during conversion to Excel.



3.     Open a new Excel spreadsheet, then click on DATA tab. From there go to Get External Data and choose From TEXT. Go to downloads or other folder where you stored your DTR file and open it.


4.     The Text Import Wizard will ask you how to display the data. Make sure the data is set as DELIMITED and click NEXT. The second question Text Import Wizard asks is to Click on TAB and proceed to NEXT.


5.     When asked: “Select how you want to view this data in your workbook.” Select cell A1 and click OK.


6.      You might need to change the number format, so that all dates display properly. To do so:

a)       Select the cells for which you wish to display numbers as percentages.

b)      On the Home tab, in the Number group, click the Long Date command.