SFCCC Consumer Advisory Panel hears about Homeless Patient Satisfaction Survey

This time around we have the pleasure of posting an entry from SFCCC's very own VISTA Volunteer, Fahad Awan. Thanks Fahad!

"On November 28, 2012 SFCCC’s Consumer Advisory Panel invited VISTA member Fahad Awan to speak on the topic of SFCCC’s HCH Patient Satisfaction Survey – a requirement for health center’s participating in the federal Health Care for the Homeless (HCH) Program.  In addition to meeting funding requirements, this survey provides information on possible operational improvements, which are aimed to improve patient experience and care.  Patient Satisfaction Surveys allow health centers to move beyond anecdotal feedback toward evidence-based feedback.  An example of anecdotal feedback is, “the phone rang and rang and then it hung up!”, whereas evidence-based feedback provides the following information, “60% of patients are VERY DISSATISFIED with phone services at health center A”.  This information allows health centers to pinpoint specific problem areas for improvement. 
SFCCC’s Consumer Advisory Panel was appreciative and enthused to learn their experiences are valued by health centers.  As SFCCC health centers move toward Patient-Centered Medical Home recognition tools such as Patient Satisfaction and Experience Surveys will be more important than ever.  To further efforts in this regard, SFCCC is planning to administer a standardized CAHPS (Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) Patient Experience of Care survey across various safety net health centers in San Francisco this spring. 
Stay tuned for more updates in the near future!"