An Outstanding Partnership For SFCCC --Taproot Foundation

Over ten years ago, a group of innovative community leaders came to together to create an innovative agency to support nonprofits. This group of business and community leaders recognized that many businesses and their employees wanted to support their local nonprofits. They further recognized that to offer this support in the most efficient manner a single point of contact would be most effective in time and resources. This was the formation of the Taproot Foundation. Located in San Francisco and Los Angeles, They have provided over $112 Million in pro bono services to social change organizations.
They have changed the way the SFCCC Board and staff think about SFCCC. As of this writing, we have had two technical assistance projects, both related to branding.  Through the first technical assistance session, they guided us to strategically think and become more effective in the messages we convey to the larger public. They have taken our very complicated agency and helped us to re-structure our messaging. With the new message, we will leave behind complex jargon and more effectively be able to explain the work we offer to advance our Partner Health Centers. In the second technical assistance session, we have created a new logo that will convey a stronger sense of partnership and commitment to our community.
As an experienced CEO, I can unequivocally state that there is no way we could have privately raised the over $100,000 in volunteer services that Taproot arranged for us and that the volunteers provided. So a huge thank you to the founders, the Board of Directors and the staff of Taproot! SFCCC is extremely grateful for your leadership and support of making SFCCC a more effective communicator and nonprofit.

John Gressman, MSW, MA
President & Chief Executive Officer
San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium