SFCCC eHealth and Telehealth partnerships

SFCCC announces its participation with the California Telehealth Network and the University California, Davis’ eHealth Broadband Training Adoption Program.  The eHealth Broadband Training Adoption Program is intended to provide tools to raise the level of understanding of health-related applications for healthcare providers, community college instructors, public safety/county health officers, local librarians and the general public that can be delivered over broadband networks. This curriculum was developed with the support of the following:

  • California HealthCare Foundation
  • National Coalition for Health Integration
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • University of California
  • U.S. Department of Commerce – Broadband Technology Opportunities Program

Multiple partners were involved in the development of the curriculum, including

  • California Health Information Partnership & Services Organization
  • California Rural Indian Health Board, Inc.
  • California Telemedicine and eHealth Center
  • UC Davis Center for Health & Technology
  • UC Division of Agriculture & Natural Resources
  • UC Davis Extension
  • UC Davis Health Informatics

The California Telehealth Network is intended to lay the groundwork of high-speed network connections to health centers throughout California. While focusing primarily on rural and remote locations that may not otherwise have access to reliable network capabilities, CTN is making it possible for all health centers in California to have a secure, private network for exchanging sensitive data.
For more information on CTN, visit: http://www.caltelehealth.org/