Fiscal Cliff and Community Health Centers

Across the Country, federally funded health centers provide care to more than 24 million patients.  In San Francisco, our 11 Health Center Partners provide care to over 92,000 patients.  That is over 10% of the San Francisco population! It is anticipated that with full funding, the $11 billion in the ACA and the current $2+ billion in the ongoing Federal Budget, our numbers will reach over 40 million patients annually.  
Leader Nancy Pelosi has stated in many public forums that community health centers are the cornerstone of the Affordable Care Act and the country's health care delivery system.   SFCCC and our Partner Health Centers in San Francisco, in California and the country are critical to keeping the emergency rooms open for real emergencies and hospital beds available for our sickest patients.  The loss that would have occurred had our Federal Officials not been able to resolve the Fiscal Crisis, i.e. Fiscal Cliff, would have been over $1.2 billion dollars in funding!  With this loss, it is projected we would have had to release over 16 million patients out of care.  Imagine the impact had we had to release 16 million patients from care.  Their only option would have been their local emergency room or hospital bed.  
SFCCC is appreciative of the work Congress, Senate and the White House completed so that our health centers could continue to improve the health of our patients, their families and our communities.