Why Should the US Expand Medicaid (MediCal)

As part of the Affordable Care Act, States will have the option to expand Medicaid (called Medi Cal in California).  As I lecture around San Francisco on the ACA, participants ask why should we expand this State run program.  Historically, Medi Cal was for Moms with families, aged, blind and disabled with incomes that are below the Federal Poverty Level ($14,000 for a single individual).  A recent article provided the best explanation.  As you read my summary of the published results, please keep in mind that it is the goal of SFCCC to assure that every person live a happy, healthy, life.  SFCCC supports local, state and national policies that support our Vision and Mission.  Our health centers serve as the cornerstone in achieving this aspiration.  Referencing from the New England Journal of Medicine, July 25, 2012, “Mortality and Access to Care among Adults and State Medicaid Expansions”.  The Results (summarized in my words) Medicaid expansions were associated with a significant reduction in mortality rates.  The greatest reductions were among older adults, nonwhites, and residents of poor counties.  With this type of improved patient health and community health income, SFCCC is in full support of expansion of MediCal in California and the Country.  John Gressman, MSW, MA, President/CEO, SFCCC