The Buzz of the Country

On Sunday to Tuesday, in mid-September, 2400 people from around the Country convened at the National Association Community Health Center’s Community Health Institute in Orlando, FL.  The buzz that was heard from room to room, training to training and person to person was about implementing the Affordable Care Act.  The excitement to think that more people than any time in the history of the Nation brought chills to my body!  Health centers from across the Country were exchanging new ideas about how to achieve the Triple AIM of health care reform: how can we improve access to care; enhance the patient experience and clinical outcomes and re-invigorate cost effective systems of care to support patient and community health.  On a personal note, flying back and reflecting on all that I heard, SFCCC is better positioned to work to assure each one of our health centers achieve the SFCCC Board Goal to have each center accredited as a Patient Center Health Home, have empaneled their patients so that each patient knows their own personal provider and achieve that access is increased as measured through the metric of when a patient can be scheduled for their next appointment.  It is really true, health care is in the greatest system change since the United States implemented Medicaid (MediCal in California).  John Gressman, President/CEO, SFCCC