National Health Center Week

Across the Country, SFCCC joins over 1,400 community health centers in celebration of National Community Health Center Week (NCHW).  Serving over 22M patients, SFCCC joins our health center colleagues in expanding access to care to the 40M promised with funding from the Affordable Care Act.  Through over 8,000 clinical sites - uninsured, low income and patients with high level insurance deductibles are finding a way to maintain their health.  From prevention and early intervention with Diabetes to prevention of heart disease, we are united to eliminate racial disparities in health.  Drawing upon the leaders of our community based governing Boards and with over 51% of our Board consumers of our health centers, we stay close to the needs and experience of our patients.   On a  personal note, I want to say that when I go to a health center and talk with the patients about their patient experience and then talk with the staff, I become more excited each time about my own job!  Special thank you to all of the Community Health Centers staff and volunteers, you rock!   
John Gressman, President/CEO