Emergency Preparedness for Persons with Disabilities

July 26, 1990 was the day The American Disabilities Act was signed into law. In consideration of people with disabilities, there are some additional things to consider when preparing for emergencies that may have health-related impacts. For example, knowing what to do in case of power outages, including how to connect and start a back-up power supply for essential medical equipment, and having access to a manual wheel chair can be lifesaving. The following preparations are also recommended the National Organization on Disability’s Emergency Preparedness Initiative:- Maintain an extra set of equipment at another location and laminate instructions for equipment use for those who may need to assist in an emergency. -Arrange for more than one person to check in during an emergency, so there is at least one back-up if the primary support person cannot.-Get to know neighborhood police and firefighters, and register with their offices and the local emergency management office, so help can be provided quickly in the event of a disaster.