When Do People Come to Us

SFCCC Partner Health Centers are providers of choice for our patients!  I am often asked, "When do people come to your clinics?"  The answer is simple.  When they are looking for neighborhood based, quality care!  Some of our patients are uninsured, some have limited incomes.  Some have high deductible health plans.  Some want to receive care in their native language.  A Lesbian, Transgender person may come to feel the warmth and security of an accepting Patient Centered Health  Home.  Some may be experiencing being homeless.  While others may be living with HIV or AIDS and want a nonjudgmental, caring, dedicated staff with knowledge in their disease.  Or, a senior who finds comfort in a senior friendly health home.  Where do our patients come from?  They come from across San Francisco!  They come from our neighborhoods.  They are our sons, daughters, parents, grandparents.  We welcome any patient seeking quality primary care.

John Gressman, President/CEO, SFCCC