SFCCC Requests to Congress and The White House for Federal Funding of Health Programs

SFCCC strongly encourages the House of Representatives, US Senate and the President to support America’s health care system through appropriate and needed Federal Funding.  Many, many Americans are dependent on Federally funded programs to remain healthy.  Without adequate and increased funding, people in need will be turned away from needed health care.  SFCCC as provider of choice and quality for 92,000 patients, look toward our elected officials to assure that access to care is protected.

SFCCC calls upon our elected leaders to:
  • Health Center Appropriations – increase funding by $300 million so that we see more persons needing low cost, community based quality primary care.
  • Area Health Education Centers (AHECs) – fund the program at $36 million.  This program is a core support to the staff development of health centers.  Through AHECs the country is assured of a health care workforce pipeline program.  Students to graduates to current working health professionals will have top quality programs in all forms of health  care services.
  • Ryan White Programs – HIV and AIDS is still a national concern.  Through Ryan White Program, patients receive primary care, dental services,  medications that help them to be productive, healthy and often working Americans.
  • Title X Program – funding at the $293 million for the national Family Planning Program has resulted in healthier babies, healthy pregnancies, reduction in teen pregnancy and the opportunity for a woman to choose the best time in her life for a pregnancy.
  • National Health Service Corp of $300 million supports doctors, nurse, dentists, social workers and other health care professional to serve a period of time in a shortage area.  Following their service, a grant is given to offset their financial debt of school.
  • Prevention and Public Health Fund:  With the $4 billion over 10 years, we can fight diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cardio- vascular disease, TB and much more.  For the first time in the US history, we will have a strong and effective Prevention Program to improve the Country’s health.
Please support SFCCC in our work to assure we have a healthy nation.