National Safety Month

June is  “National Safety Month”. A free and simple activity to improve safety and emergency preparedness both in and out of the workplace is to participate in the ICE (or In Case of Emergency) initiative, which allows First Responders to be able to reach a designated contact in your cell phone in an emergency situation. Add this contact as a new entry in your cell phone’s Contact List under the heading “ICE” (or more specifically, add the name of the ICE contact after the ICE entry, e.g. ICE-DAD or ICE-Mike).  Even if the person is already listed in your contacts, be sure to enter them again as an “ICE” contact to ensure that First Responders can easily find them. It is best to choose a responsible person and inform them they have been chosen as your In Case of Emergency person, then inform them of any relevant information for your emergency treatment (e.g. allergies, medications you take, physician’s contact info).