Excellence in Performance

Within the SFCCC Network, we have 4 health centers that are directly funded by the Federal Government:  Mission Neighborhood Health Center, Native American Health Center, North East Medical Services and South of Market Health Center.  SFCCC is also federally funded as a community health center program.  Through the US Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), each of the five mentioned recipients receive federal funds to help to pay for care of the uninsured.  

Through a contractual network, SFCCC contracts for health care for the homeless patients.  Currently, we fund all of the federally funded clinics and Curry Senior Center, Glide Health Services, Haight Ashbury-Walden House, Lyon Martin Health Services and the San Francisco Department of Public Health.  

To support the work of our health centers, DHHS holds each Federal Grantee to a high standard of quality patient care, strong governance accountability, a level of effective administrative and financial management.  Through DHHS, grantees receive a comprehensive evaluation of each of these areas.  For non-federal grantees, SFCCC works with our clinic contractors to assure compliance to the federal standards.  SFCCC is proud of the work and achievement of our Partner Health Centers and to share that our centers generally receive good to excellent ratings on DHHS standards.