SFCCC Celebrates 30th Anniversary!

SFCCC is 30 years old this year! Our organization was formed in 1982 by a network of community-based health centers. The mission – then and now – is to develop programs and advocate for policies that increase access to community-based primary care for all San Franciscans, targeting the uninsured and underserved. We work in four distinct areas:  Strategic, Operational, Financial, and Policy. Strategically, we help our Partner Health Centers to think about and plan for their future. This includes strategic positioning in the market place, strategic partnerships and creating new and more effective systems of coordinated, integrated care. Operational efficiencies help to generate higher levels of a patient experience and provider satisfaction. We all recognize that our greatest asset is our clinic staff so we try to create ways that refine systems that support their work and expand access to care. Financially, we work closely with our Partners to create strategies that will help stretch the funds they receive. This can range from group purchasing to financial system assessment to assure they are capturing all the funding available to them. And finally, Policy and Advocacy are the foundation of the work we complete.  We need to have laws and regulations that support the work of the health centers. We’ll be celebrating all year!