Quality Culture Series Promotes Operations Management

On May 8, 2012, the San Francisco Quality Culture Series (QCS) conducted its second Alumni Session, on Operations Management:  Modeling, Analyzing and Optimizing Processes.  The session was conducted by Kumar Rajaram, PhD, professor of operations and technology management at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, and attended by more than 70 staff from local primary care safety net organizations.  Operations management provides tools for making health care organizations more effective in meeting capacity, reducing client wait times, improving client service, and reducing inventory and operational costs.  The curriculum included definitions, examples and framework for operations management; effective scale-up management; managing the impact of variability; and improving operations and customer satisfaction in a safety net primary care clinic.

The San Francisco QCS is sponsored by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and administered by the Center for the Health Professions at UCSF, in collaboration with the San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium, San Francisco Health Plan, and San Francisco Department of Public Health.  San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium also serves as the federally funded Area Health Education Center (AHEC) for San Francisco.