Happy Birthday Curry Senior Center!!!!

Over 40 years ago, San Francisco’s first Department of Public Health Director, Dr. Francis Curry, had a dream.  He dreamed that seniors living in the Tenderloin could go to a medical site that would understand the needs of being older, often time living in isolation and with limited income.    

Dr. Curry, a physician before his time could be consider one of the early founders of a clinical practice known today at Gerontology.  Gathering civic and business leaders together, Dr. Curry created North of Market Senior Services at 333 Turk Street.  On Friday night, April 27th over 200 people gathered in celebration at the Fairmont Crown Room to celebrate Curry Senior Center’s 40th Anniversary.     

SFCCC President/CEO John Gressman shares a thought about Curry.  “Curry is a rocking and rolling center.   At Curry there is no wrong door for entrance into their wide array of services.  The health center has committed, passionate staff who understands what means physically, emotionally, mentally to be a person over 55.  Open every day of the year for breakfast and lunch with a take out for dinner, healthy meals supports the seniors.  And to go to the Over 80, Over 90 and Over 100 birthday parties is fantastic to see people break out of isolation, have fun and tell stories of the ‘good old days’.  Day programs, behavioral health care are integral in Curry’s service model.  And the 30+ apartments offer many Curry residents an option to life off the streets.  On behalf of SFCCC and your fellow 9 Partner Health Centers, Happy Birthday!”