UCSF University Community Partnership (UCP) Grant Awarded!!!

The Street Outreach Services (SOS) program has been awarded a grant of $2,500 from the UCSF University Community Partnerships (UCP) Office.
The grant is for the SOS Service Learning Project. The project consists of distribution and collection of a survey, regarding their experience in the SOS Program, from UCSF primary care residents.

This survey will assist the SOS program in evaluating the impact of caring for the homeless in our program on the training and careers of the residents. The proposed questions address the UCSF-approved learning objectives for the SOS rotation. The experiences of the residents/learners will be evaluated according to the UCSF approved educational objectives for residents who rotate with SOS.

It is the goal that at the conclusion of the SOS rotation, the resident will be able to: recognize and overcome barriers to healthcare services for the homeless population; to recognize and treat medical and psych-social issues of the homeless population; and to successfully work with a multi-disciplinary team including outreach workers and case managers. The survey feedback will be summarized and analyzed by SOS and provided to UCSF for use in learner reflection activities related to the requirements and expectations of the overall residency program and the SOS rotation.