SFCCCs Strategic Plan

The National Affordable Care Act is reforming health care like no other time since the National Medi Cal/Medicaid Program was introduced to offer health care coverage to low income families, children, pregnant women, low income seniors and blind & disabled individuals. To address these changes, the SFCCC Board of Directors convened in a Strategic Planning Session in mid December. The Board identified that SFCCC focus is to work with our Partner Health Centers to increase access to care, improve clinic efficiencies, enhance patient satisfaction, improve the health of the patient, improve the health of our San Francisco community and determine strategies to fully maximize revenues and reduce costs.

The successful retreat refined SFCCC's Vision in guiding a more focused strategic plan. The newly refined plan will be formally adopted by the SFCCC Board of Directors in February, 2012 - after the Board Committee has refined the goals, objectives and assured that we have clearly stated measurable outcomes. Watch our web site for our new plan.