Kaiser Permanente Awards SFCCC $75,000 for Outreach, Enrollment, Retention and Utilization (OERU)

With this funding SFCCC will continue and build upon the Kaiser-funded work begun this past year to bring clinics together to share outreach, enrollment, retention and utilization (OERU) strategies. SFCCC will assist the clinics to increase the efficiency of their OERU operations and practices by managing a four step program process: 1) documenting current clinic OERU practices and analyzing the baseline data results; 2) identifying OERU needs and developing strategies to meet those needs; 3) implementing trial changes using the PDSA model (Plan, Do, Study, Act), which allows the clinics to gather data on the results of the change, and; 4) implementing appropriate long-term changes and projecting their results, including the return on investment. The clinics will benefit from the projects by maximizing staff productivity and maximizing patient renewal rates. The patients will benefit by experiencing more efficient clinic operations, which should limit wait times and facilitate a smoother and shorter enrollment and renewal process.