National Association of Community Health Center Board of Director’s HIV & Behavioral Substance Abuse Committee Chair

NACHC Board Chair, Kauila Clark of a HI CHC, recently requested that SFCCCs President/CEO John Gressman accept the position of Chairperson of the NACHC HIV & Behavioral Substance Abuse Committee and he agreed to accept the position.

Pursuant to SFCCC Board of Directors CEO Contract for increased involvement with NACHC, this will allow SFCCC to provide a primary role in shaping HIV & Behavioral Health Services in the 1500 CHCs in the Country serving over 23M people.

Additionally, as ACA continues to develop, it will provide the opportunity to review and shape national legislation, policy and training for the integration of HIV & Behavioral Health into primary care in a CHC.

Finally, with the current fiscal crisis, it will serve as an opportunity to begin to create policy statements for the protection and continuation of Ryan White CARE Program & SAMSA under ACA. Mr. Gressman shares, “It is both a professional and personal honor to be asked and to accept this position.”