HAFC-WH “Be The Change” Celebration!

The Haight Ashbury Free Clinics – Walden House “Be the Change” Breakfast took place on this past Tuesday, November 1. The Gold Room at the Fairmont Hotel throbbed with energy and was filled with a host of people who were acknowledging the joyful success of the work of HAFC-WH organization. Greeting long time friends and meeting new ones, the attendees all appeared to be in a celebratory mood. And the breakfast was delicious. The highlight of the occasion was the opportunity to hear from the people who lives had been changed so positively by the caring, support and services they had personally received at HAFC-WH. The stories – from the woman who, now a staff member and proud grandmother, had suffered through drug addiction; from the young man who had struggled with severe mental illness and addiction who is now a successful business owner who, as he said “has paid a lot of taxes”; and for the young woman whose description of her days on the street as a homeless addict was heart wrenching, who is now drug free and pursuing her masters degree. The event was indeed a celebration!