East Bay Safety Net Joins HealthShare Bay Area

As discussed in our previous blog about HealthShare Bay Area (HSBA), SFCCC is participating in the building of an electronic highway for exchange of health care information, maintaining privacy and security, and improving the ability of health care providers and patients to work together to achieve high quality care.

As our name suggests, HealthShare Bay Area is increasingly expanding beyond San Francisco.  In that theme, HSBA is proud to announce its newest members, Community Health Center Network (CHCN – our sister consortia in Alameda), Alameda County Medical Center (ACMC) and Alameda County Health Services (ACHS).  Together, these three organizations encompass the safety net health care services for Alameda county, similar to the services provided by SFCCC and the San Francisco Department of Public Health, here on this side of the bay.

HSBA has also been joined by John Muir Health and the Alameda Contra Costa Medical Association (representing private physicians in those counties).  All of these new members will help us in our quest to have all health care providers in the Bay Area participating in HSBA, so no matter where you receive health care in the Bay Area, your provider will have all the information she or he needs to give you the best possible care.