California Primary Care Association & California Ventures Board of Directors Election

During the October CPCA Annual Meeting, it was announced that in a statewide election, SFCCCs President/CEO John Gressman was elected to a 3-year term to the CPCA Board of Directors and the CPCA Ventures Board. CPCA, the voice of the Clinics in CA and in the Nation is critical to the daily work of clinics. The CPCA Ventures Board, a unique enterprise continues to help CHC clinics with low cost financing.

The 30 Member Board convenes in four regular meetings a year. Board meeting are preceded by a variety of CPCA Board Committees. Additionally, on as needed basis, CPCA Board convenes to address urgent and emergent issues. The past 3 years SFCCC has had strong representation by Dick Hodgson. Prior to Dick’s service, Mr. Gressman had the honor to serve on the CPCA Board and Ventures Board for 9 years.

In Mr. Gressman’s nomination statement, he pledged to look beyond the differences of clinics: rural/frontier/urban, big/small, 330/non 330 but to strive to find the common values, visions and strategic directions all CA clinics and consortia are pursuing. Mr. Gressman states, “I promised and committed to bring the outstanding quality that SFCCC Board practices in every meeting, to discuss with integrity, disagree on principal and unite in decision.”