National Association of Community Health Centers and SFCCC Meet with Elected Officials

On Thursday October 6, SFCCC President/CEO, John Gressman had the opportunity to join leaders from other health centers across the Country to tell the story of community health centers (CHC). Each year, CHCs provide services to over 23 million people, including 87,000 in San Francisco.

In a series of meetings with staff of California Senators Feinstein and Boxer, Minority Leader Pelosi and White House Leaders, SFCCC presented the critical role CHCs play in preventing patients from having costly emergency room visits. During these meetings, government health center funding and the enhanced payment rates for government funded insurance programs, Medi Cal (Medicaid) and Medicare, were discussed. CHC leaders request was for Congressional and White House Leaders to understand that CHCs are the foundation for health care reform, a necessity in improving quality of life for people and communities and are an effective way to keep rising health care costs under control.