SFCCC Honors Elouise Westbrook

Mrs. Elouise Westbrook, one of the community leaders that spearheaded the social justice movement here in San Francisco, passed away on Tuesday, September 13, 2011. Mrs. Westbrook spoke as a voice of San Francisco's poverty stricken and low-income families and she demanded that attention be paid to their need for work, health care, housing, pre-school education and much more. The imprint of this San Francisco Leader continues more than 40 years later.

Serving as a founder of South of Market Health Center, one of San Francisco's premier Health Centers, Mrs. Westbrook helped create the national community-based health center movement. Today there are more than 1200 health centers across the country serving more than 17 million people. These health centers target and provide quality, culturally and linguistically sensitive primary medical care for uninsured, underinsured, and low-income individuals and families.

The San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium will be forever thankful to Mrs. Westbrook and her work, especially, on behalf of the million-plus patients who have received health care from our partner health centers in the past 40 years!

If you would like more information on Mrs. Westbrook, or would like to make a donation in her memory, please click here: http://www.smhcsf.org/directors.html.