SFCCC President/CEO Back to School

In July San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium President and CEO John Gressman was offered a lifetime education experience. University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), Anderson School of Business offers an innovative educational experience for health care executives with multiple years of experience. Through a unique and amazing partnership with Johnson & Johnson, 30 persons are chosen each year from across the Country to attend classes with an excellent faculty.

"I believe learning is a life long process!" said Mr. Gressman. " Moreover, I believe I need to practice what I ask of staff. As President/CEO of SFCCC, I encourage all of my staff to take every opportunity to grow and learn professionally."

In this time of health care reform and changing health care systems, it was an amazing and outstanding opportunity for him to learn new skills, sharpen existing practices and invigorate strategic visioning and thinking. After 10 intense days on the UCLA campus, Mr. Gressman is better prepared to create and provide leadership to help our clinics in San Francisco, California and the Country to transition to a more efficient, effective, patient centered model of health care.

A special thanks for Johnson & Johnson, the faculty of the Anderson School of Business, UCLA and the Johnson & Johnson Health Care Executive Program.

"Learning really is lifelong!" - John Gressman, MSW, MA