SFCCC Perspective on the Lyon Martin Health Services Crisis

SFCCC is proud of the services of Lyon Martin Health Services. As the Country's leading health care provider of services to Lesbian, Bi Sexual and Transgender patients, Lyon Martin has pioneered a health care service that is a model for the Country. While Lyon Martin has experienced some challenges, the Lyon Martin Board, Administrative and Clinical Leaders are strong and have begun a critical re-organization. SFCCC Board stands firmly behind Lyon Martin and will continue to offer our total and complete support of this critically needed service. We hope that each person, group or leader will join Lyon Martin and SFCCC us in this monumental effort. Thank you, John Gressman, MSW, MA, President/CEO, SFCCC August 3, 2011.

For a better understanding of the work and progress of Lyon Martin Health Services, I invite you to read the letter prepared by the LMHS Board Chair, Dr. Marj Plumb.