Community Health Center Highlights of recently signed FY 2018 Omnibus Spending Bill

(Material adapted from our colleagues at California Health Plus Advocates)

Health and Human Services received a $10 billion increase over FY 2017. The increase includes:

  • $1 billion for a new state-based opioid grant program.
  • An increase in discretionary health center funding of $135 million to total $1.635 billion (added on to the $3.8 billion in mandatory funding for FY 2018)
  • $200 million in mandatory funding for health centers to focus on opioid treatment to be distributed through Section 330(d) grants.
  • A $105 million increase for National Health Service Corps to support loan repayment for substance use disorder counselors.
  • Funding for the health department's Title X grants program — called "America's family planning program" — remains stable BUT the administration is shifting the program's emphasis towards so-called natural family planning rather than traditional contraception.