Please take action and send a letter to Congress today to support DACA!



(From our colleagues at California Health + Advocates):

Our Dreamers, including patients and employees, need our help. DACA is due to expire on March 5, and the federal government has yet to agree on legislation that could save nearly 800,000 young immigrants who have been able to live, work, and study in the U.S. under this program.

Please adapt the template below and send to your Members of Congress asking them to pass legislation guaranteeing legal status for these individuals as soon as possible..


I write on behalf of [health center] in [town].  Our health center provides health care services to XX of your constituents every year.

I am pleased that the budget deal signed into law last week provides two years of mandatory funding for Community Health Centers (CHC), the National Health Service Corps (NHSC), Teaching Health Centers (THC), and the Special Diabetes Program. Our health center can now focus on our mission of providing high-quality health care to any Californian who needs it without having to worry about the expiration of our federal grant funding.

However, I remain deeply concerned about the future for DACA recipients in California and around the country, and I ask you to pass legislation guaranteeing legal status for these individuals as soon as possible.  [If you are writing to a Democrat who voted against the CR last week, add:  I am proud of the stand you and your colleagues in Congress made for DREAMers during Congressional consideration of the CR last week.]  DACA recipients are integral members of our communities.  They are patients, and in many instances, employees of our health centers.  [if you are comfortable, share personal stories about DACA and your health center here]

Thank you in advance for standing up for all Californians.