Please Act to Preserve Community Health Center Funding!

Patients, Community Partners & Supporters – we want to let you know that without Congressional action before September 30th, funding that supports the Federally Qualified Health Centers in San Francisco and throughout the country will be cut by 70%. This would be a devastating blow to our Health Centers – one that could lead to site closures, reduced access to care for our patients, and possibly even staff layoffs. We are among 1400 Health Centers nationwide that are facing what is called the Health Center Funding Cliff – if Congress fails to act to fix the cliff, 9 million patients could lose access to care, including over 100,000 patients here in San Francisco. Please help us ask Congress to TAKE ACTION to fix the Health Center Funding Cliff immediately!


While our particular legislators have been, and continue to be, supportive of us and our mission, we need to create a sense of urgency to act before September 30, 2017!  ACT NOW by posting on Facebook and Twitter to your Members of Congress.  For easy instructions, please go to: