A Message from Nancy Pelosi Regarding the Graham-Cassidy Bill

URGENT: Repeal is back


Dear San Franciscan,

The zombie health care repeal proposal is back yet again. After numerous failures to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, the Republican Leadership in Congress has scheduled a vote on their Graham-Cassidy bill this week. It is my view that this worse-than-ever proposal is another heartless, cruel attempt to strip millions of hard-working families of affordable health care with: 

  • Higher costs, less coverage – forcing families to pay much higher out-of-pocket health care costs, including deductibles.
  • Key protections gutted for people with pre-existing conditions, destroys essential health benefits, and reinstates the dreaded lifetime and annual limits on care.
  • A crushing age tax, exposing older Americans to higher premiums than what others pay for health coverage, no matter how healthy they are.
  • Stealing from Medicaid by ransacking funds that seniors depend on to get the long-term care they need.

Instead of pushing their repeal bill, I believe the conservative Leadership in Congress should be working together on productive, bipartisan action to lower costs for all families. House Democrats will continue to fight with all our strength against these shocking and partisan attempts to rip away the promise of affordable quality health care.