Time to Fight Back Against Graham Cassidy Repeal Bill and Health Center Funding Cliff

California’s Community Health Centers Are at Risk of Losing Funds

Republicans threaten Medicaid AND Unless Congress Acts, Federally Qualified Health Centers will lose 70% of funding by October 1


San Francisco, CA - Right now, community health centers in San Francisco and across California are under two separate threats at the federal level. First, Senators Graham and Cassidy have introduced new Affordable Care Act Repeal legislation that directly attacks California by threatening to take $27 billion from California’s health care system and redistribute it to other states. Should this bill pass, it will block grant the Medicaid program, which will ultimately mean less coverage, less benefits, and less access for millions of Californians.  While our State continues to be invested in Medicaid, (Medi-Cal in California), without billions of dollars in Federal funding our Medi-Cal program will not be sustainable.


Second, unless Congress reauthorizes mandatory health center funding by the end of the month, health centers will see a 70 percent reduction in their grant funding (which is different from the Medicaid reduction proposed in the Graham-Cassidy Bill).  This will have a direct and immediate impact on the health of California communities as 6.2 million Californians rely on health centers for care – that’s 1 in 7 Californians.  This is referred to as the “fiscal cliff.”


San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium’s members serve over 100,000 people, more than 10% of San Francisco’s population..

California will lose over $300 million dollars if Congress does not extend mandatory funding for health centers. Locally, San Francisco could lose over 5 million dollars in federal investment funds in 2018.


Plain and simple: The Graham – Cassidy legislation punishes California for successfully implementing the Medicaid Program following the passage of the Affordable Care Act. If that happens, health centers – who rely heavily on Medicaid funds and treat 54 percent of the expansion population– will be severely impacted. In terms of the fiscal cliff,


“We are appreciative of the support from our California Senators and San Francisco Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Jackie Speier.  We urge all members of Congress to step forward and realize that there is no reason to put the providers of preventive care for millions of Americans at risk. Community Health Centers provide cost effective care and it is disturbing that Congress would even consider de-stabilizing them.    The cliff must be fixed by September 30, 2017.”

Dave Knego, Chairman, Board of Directors, San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium